A project in Surrey, 2 Direct Glazed gables 

recently completed by us & 

filmed for a new BBC Property show.


Topworks is a Bespoke Carpentry business Specialising in 

Glazing Green Oak Timber Frames.

We cover the whole of the UK. 

We Specialise in OAK FRAME GLAZING.

Installing ‘face applied glazing’ (Direct glazing) and oak joinery to 

Green Oak Frames & Douglas Fir Frames.

This is by far the most aesthetically pleasing system to glaze an

oak frame & is the most reliable system when viewed against the 

only alternatives of rebating or fitting individual frames.

This is a specialist glazing system and can only be successfully 

installed by fully experienced and skilled craftsmen.

There are many steps, processes and detailing to correctly and 

successfully direct glaze an oak building, it requires  time, skill, 

knowledge & experience.

incorrect & inexperienced fitting will undoubtedly leak and could 

potentially damage your oak frame.

We are aware of only 3 other fully experienced 

companies in the uk.

A typical installation (if there is such a thing in green oak framing) 

takes approx 10 days.

The final finish is top quality and 

we certainly will not rush the installation,

Our quality of work speaks for itself.


We only use the highest quality materials & we 

believe that the aesthetics of our work are as important as its 


Our work complements your oak frame as we faithfully

recreate the detailing of your frame within our system. 

Copyright © 2010 TOPWORKS Bespoke Joinery. All rights reserved.

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Head office: 12 Trident Park, Trident Way, Blackburn, England. BB1 3NU

Copyright © 2010 TOPWORKS Bespoke Joinery. All rights reserved.